Hello !! Welcome to Indubhai Patel College of Pharmacy and Research Centre

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    Ipcowala Education Campus,
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Today, technology rules aspect of life and whenever we see youth interested in technology. It makes me feel good. It is technology that determines the state and pace of all our progress. Congratulation on your decision and we welcome you into this exciting fraternity. Unlike other streams of study, Engineering, Pharmacy studies need a different setting for effective learning. Experimental infrastructures of course complemented with excellent academic faculty are crucial factor for emerging fields of Engineering. By providing researched teaching, facilitating in depth learning through real time laboratory workshop experience, providing access to the best of knowledge resource through high speed internet and vast library, enabling changing projects and by out-sourcing eminent industry faculty, Sanskruti Sanraksha Charitable Trust is set to achieve its goals. Welcome to Sanskruti Sanraksha Charitable Trust. It is here where one can experience care, concern, academic eminence, state of the art infrastructure, industry standards equipment, cross current knowledge covering in one place. The results are there for every one to see. Rising academic performance, growing research and projects, intensified industry interface, increasing placements all points to one institution that you can surely rely upon in fulfilling your aspiration S.S.C. Trust. Best wishes to you. I look forward to you being with us.

- by Jitendrabhai Patel (Chairman)