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Pharmacy is a profession that makes sure safe and effective use of medicinal products. In modern times, especially post COVID era the scope of pharmacy is not limited to traditional roles of compounding and dispensing medications, but extends to modern healthcare services like clinical services, medication safety, efficacy, pharmacovigilance, and providing patient with drug related information. Over the years the role of a pharmacist has significantly shifted from merely compounding or dispensing or manufacturing pharmaceutical products to providing patient care and information services. The booming pharmaceutical industry of India is driven by cost-effective innovation when it comes to mass production of life saving drugs that are used by countries globally. During the Covid-19 pandemic, India was at the forefront of delivering essential drugs and vaccines to several nations. Pharmacist can make a fruitful contribution to the outcome of drug therapy and patient’s quality of life. As a student perusing career in the field of Pharmacy are expected to have an ambition and true passion for pharmacy which lies in helping others in a safe and effective way with the use of innovative pharmaceutical medicines. Students are required to cultivate proper understanding about the profession which deals with healthcare and provides information about different medication and methods of treatment to patients.
Pharmacy practice in education play a great role in the pharmacy profession where the teachers provide information to students pertaining to knowledge and skills required to improve the quality of pharmaceutical services in hospitals, community pharmacy settings and manufacturing of medicines. The role of a teacher is to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their students and guide them to follow the best practices. Teachers are expected to encourage students, provide suggestions, and empathize with them. A teacher in true sense is the one who is a mediator, mentor, morale booster, a continuous learner, creative thinker, organizer and planner, a resourceful person and can deliver classroom instructions that helps students learn in a better way. We, at Indubhai Patel College of Pharmacy and Research Centre, Dharmaj believe in team work and our vision is to become the center of excellence by providing quality education and ethical pharmacist for the benefit of mankind.

Dr. Sangita H. Shukla Principal